rob houchen is actually marius pontmercy

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Sometimes you go into a casting session and they see you and say yeah we want George and they want you to put a lot of yourself into the character. I mean with Grantaire, I’m not a complete drunken womanizer in real life…I’m really a geek.

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Her name was Fantine. Remember that name: Fantine. Fall on your knees whenever you pronounce it. She suffered much. And loved you much. Her measure of unhappiness was as full as yours of happiness.

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Lord in heaven, look down on him in mercy!


i would sell my soul for certain fanfics to become movies

lets party like it’s 1832

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"@gblagden: Thank you @westendproducer for this brilliant life-saver.




have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone that you can actually feel your heart rotting just because you know you’ll never get a chance with them

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Love Miserably, Part 2